FAQ: questions and answers

General to wir-tanzen.net

For all those who can say for themselves: in folk dance, we dance. A we that is also open to others and strangers.

For everyone for whom folk dance is a great invitation.

For everyone who wants to find out more and network.

In addition to German folk dance, the focus is also on international folk dance and the dances of the migration associations. The dancers are Europeans, some have international partner groups and are open to neighbors, are citizens of the world and not citizens of the Reich. Folk dancers are committed to the free democratic basic order. This sets us apart from the far right, who also show German folk dances in some places. We are focused on the openness of folk dance.

The site lives from the fact that many get involved, announce dates and news from folk dance and network with each other.

Active participation is desired in many ways. You are welcome to contribute your talent. Talk to us!

The site cost a mid four-digit amount, we are grateful for a donation. Every euro goes to this campaign. Everyone can give something, but doesn’t have to.

Even if in some dialects the “net” could be understood as a “not”, we mean here the internationally used “net” for net or network. We are not dance refusers or deniers of the joy of folk dance. Benevolently for all “dialectics” we have added a “z” to the hashtag: #wirtanzennetz.

We’re Back Folk Dance Day

The pandemic is a turning point for folk dance. No one goes out as he entered. A new beginning together is necessary to get many people back into the swing of dancing. This is a great opportunity that we should seize.

Everyone can get involved if the folk dance means something. We look forward to the information and feedback from the events. Every message is an encouragement to others.

The initiator of the campaign is the German Society for Folk Dance (DGV) with the support of the German Traditional Costume Association (DTV).

folk dance voices

Everyone who wants to encourage and inspire others about the new beginning of folk dance. Show yourselves!

Photos, written greetings and short videos – brevity is the key – possibly with GPS coordinates, short reports, audio documents.

We reserve the right to check content before publication.

We respect the protection of privacy and are committed to data protection rights. Should you recognize violations of these rights on this page, we ask you to inform us immediately. We will react as soon as possible and are grateful for the information.

For every picture and every video that is passed on to us for publication, we assume that the submitter has observed the rights to the picture and that the people shown (in the foreground) have given their consent.

Folk Dance Newsletter

News from folk dance, event and program information, invitations to dance festivals, dance weeks, dance festivals, learning events, offers for dance trips and much more

We ask that you let us know about your events. Depending on the amount of information, we reserve the right to shorten the newsletter or to refer to the entries in the folk dance calendar in summary. We are happy to answer any further questions.

The folk dance newsletter is published monthly on the second Sunday of the month. There will probably be a special edition for the we are back day of folk dance.

Events Calendar

This page thrives on your event announcements. Information can be passed on to us immediately. The site will remain in existence beyond the day of folk dance, all contributions are welcome. What do you have to offer? There may also be several announcements at once.

We kindly ask you to submit the event announcements in the following structure:

event name

Brief description (max. 150 characters?)


event address

State and Country

GPS coordinates

Link to own homepage

Event date (start and end)

Category* (see below)

Registration notice** (see below)

contact address

other notices

(did we forget something?)

We ask you to choose one of the event categories:

Dance performance (stage, flash mob, dance animation)

Learning event (seminar, workshop, course, course, dance course, dance workshop, dance leader training, dance training and further education)

Dance festival (folk dance ball, Kathrein dance)

Festival (major event)


open dancing (participation event)

Dance trip (dance vacation, dance week, dance tour)

Conference (congress, symposium, discussion, “Stammtisch”)

Miscellaneous and related (other categories are welcome to be reported to us)

We ask you to choose a registration reference:

registration deadline

possibly registration costs

Registration requirements

login address

Registration required

welcome without registration

(Are there further registration instructions?)

Folk Dance Map

An address with GPS coordinates is helpful so that the event can also be found by those who are not familiar with the area. Calendar entries can also be linked to the folk dance map.

GPS coordinates or GEO coordinates are composed of two components separated by commas (e.g. 52.434920485149654,13.414848737924725), on the one hand the latitude and on the other hand the longitude.
The north-south position of a point is determined by latitude, and the east-west position by longitude.
Longitude and latitude are given in decimal numbers (dot separated) with the following special features:
– Latitude between 0° and 90°: Northern Hemisphere
– Latitude between 0° and -90°: Southern Hemisphere
– Longitude between 0° and 180°: East of the Greenwich meridian
– Longitude between 0° and -180°: West of the Greenwich meridian.

The website https://www.gpskoordinaten.de/ (please transmit the lat, long value) or a look at Google Maps is helpful here.

In a next step, a map with all folk dance groups will also be provided (will be announced in the folk dance newsletter. Your dance group can then be found on this additional map.

This list is constantly being added to and improved!